So, you want to be a Derby Girl,

Are you looking for a new hobby? Perhaps one that will whip you into shape and help you get mentally and physically fit? One where you will have a blast, meet awesome, like-minded people that will support you, and will turn you into a total badass? We know it’s a lot to ask of one hobby, but, boy, do we have the sport for you.

It’s ROLLER DERBY!!!! That crazy sport featured in that one Ellen Page movie, in which scantily clad women with brutal names skate at top speed on a slanted track, knocking the snot out of each other, and scoring points, somehow.

Roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports, with countless teams in countries all over the world. It can be played on a banked or flat track, by strong, athletic and confident women of all ages and backgrounds. Except for the refs, there are no balls involved in the game, and the hits are very, very real. Points are scored when the jammer fights her way through the pack of blockers and makes it all the way around the track and past opposing players.

Derby girls (and guys) are consistently spotted out and about, helping their communities, and attract new members with their comradery, all-around positive attitudes and confidence. Once someone’s curiosity is piqued, they head to league recruitment events just to check it out, and before they know it…they’re hooked. The combination of the child-like freedom of roller skating, tough drills, intense physical training and league activities with other amazing women is addictive. You fall in love with it, and it becomes a type of therapy that you simply can’t live without.

Right now, Eastside Derby Girls, based in Shelby Township, Michigan, is looking for someone like you: a woman that wants to step out of her comfort zone, push her body beyond its physical and mental limits, have fun both on and off the track, and unleash their inner badass. Now is the time to set your dreams into action. Don’t let it pass you by, come see us!

To contact the Eastside Derby Girls recruitment team:  Please click join for more info and contact form, or email us at join@eastsidederbygirls.net

Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @eastsidederby.

Want to know more about the Juniors?  They have their own page now, Eastside Junior Derby!