Whipping the Eastside Derby Girls into shape

Physical therapy is just a lot of stretching and yoga right? Chad Shafer and the pros from Complete Rehab Physical Therapy showed us the truth by whipping the Eastside Derby Girls into shape at our home turf, The New Rink, on Thursday evening, 2/16/2017. Our favorite faces in attendance included Hell’s Bellez, Dee’Stroyher, Sinister Storm, Motor City Kitty, Kellateral Damage, MacPhisto and Aitch Bomb. An hour’s worth of squat variations, lunge variations, ladder drills, leap frog planks (okay, those were fun) pushed each of us to realize our own potential.  Dee’Stroyher impressed her teammates by hauling her derby booty through the ladder drill-push up combo workout at record speeds.  Bellez showed off her ‘get low’ skills by nailing the jump squats and wall sits. Shout out to Aitch who made the whole night possible.  The guys at Complete Rehab were phenomenal; we had a blast and cannot wait until next time!