What we’ve learned from derby

Important things we’ve learned from roller derby:

Kitty:  The most important thing I learned is that I can’t do it all myself & have to trust/rely on others

Dee: Never judge someone based on the opinions of others.

Polly: The most important thing I’ve learned is that you cannot compare yourself to anyone else and to be confident in yourself because that will pull you through!

Kreacher: The most important thing I’ve learned is that strength doesn’t come from being fearless it comes from being afraid and doing it anyways

Mac:  Don’t doubt yourself/get outta your head – do the thing anyways.

Akilla: I think what I’ve learned most is that it’s ok to fall down, literally and figuratively, as long as you get back up and try again. That’s a problem I have at derby, and outside of derby. I’m always beating myself up if I do something wrong, or if I’m not perfect, and derby has helped me realized that it’s ok to not be perfect, as long as you’re giving it all you’ve got.