Talk Derby…. with Greenade!


RP Greenade, photo by Chris Switzer

A visit to see a friend in Washington has changed my life. She had just started as fresh meat with a team after she moved out there. Once she convinced me to gear up at her practice I almost immediately fell in love. I literally searched for a team back home as soon as we got back to her apartment. One email later and I was coming home to my first practice with EDG the following Tuesday. Any part of me that thought this would be easy was very wrong. The dedication is well worth the reward though.

Most of my friends and family were very surprised that I wanted to be a derby girl. After an injury, it was even harder to convince them to come see my first game. This sport has turned into a family. I initially joined to get out of the house and get a good workout. Now I look forward to practice days and events with one of the most amazing group of women I know.  As with anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out.  One way I contribute to the league is through my artistic talents with flyers and such. Never did I expect for my derby team to be my biggest support in getting through my divorce.

Derby Love,

RP Greenade