Roller Derby Girls Love Fun Socks!

Red socks. Green socks. Monkey socks. Fox socks. Roller Derby Girls really love their fun socks, so in the spirit of spreading some funky sock love around, we had a Valentines sock exchange.  And it was oodles fun!  As for me, Foo Radley, I was gifted with not one, but two pairs of socks. Lucky me! One: some retro lions with a rainbow road oozing out of their gaping mouth. (Hello!!! Talk about uber, groovy, sock loveliness.) Two: Some banana/monkey socks to keep my feet rolling on wheels. My special sock buddy, aka., my fellow midget squad member, MacPhisto, is now the happy owner of some seriously chilling Dino’s in Space socks. And, because I like sharing too much information, every time I say Dino’s in Space, I use my very best muppet interpretation of “PIGS IN SPACE” voice, because I just can’t help myself. So, if anyone wants to come join us in the fun and make some new friends while getting your booty whipped around on skates, come join The Eastside Derby Girls at the New Rink on Van Dyke. We’d all love to meet you!

~Foo Radley

Skate-a-thon Fun

On February 19, the Eastside Derby Girls and Eastside Sugar Babes held a fundraising skate-a-thon at The New Rink from 7:30-8:30. Everyone had sponsors to donate money for their laps, while we had fun trying to out-skate each other in friendly and fun competition. Friends and family came out to watch and cheer us on while we skated, music was pumping and a few of us were singing along to the tunes. While everyone’s lap count varied, we all had different ways to keep track – some made tally marks on their arms with pen, while others used scrap paper. We had junior skater Sweet Poison and head ref Stan Keyhoe competing on the track, Poison with 255 laps, Stan with 258.