Get To Know Us

What do you love the most about roller derby?

Polly: It gets me out of my comfort zone. But my favorite part is being part of the team “family”

Postal: Roller derby is fun and challenging.

Dee: Breaking through physical barriers and witnessing my body do amazing things it’s never done before!

Rage: Getting out and trying something different. The feeling of accomplishment when I learn something new.

Sass: My favorite part of roller derby is my team and family I have made from it.

Crash: I like that it’s given me a team and community to be a part of again. Since I quit band, I had been missing having a place of belonging. I feel like I belong to something again and it’s great.

Brawl: Being a part of a team of strong-willed, hard-working women.

Akilla: Derby is my happy place in my otherwise hectic life. If provides me a fun athletic activity, and has introduced me to a ton of fabulous, and incredibly supportive, new friends. Also, it’s just plain fun to get on roller skates and learn new things

Mac: The camaraderie and the teamwork put into bettering ourselves and each other.

Kreacher: My favorite part is getting to know a group of strong accepting women who are helping me to find inner strength I didn’t know I had.

Rosie: My favorite thing about derby is the challenge. It challenges me in sport and in leadership.

Blue: My favorite part about roller derby has to be just learning something new. Every day is something different, so it’s always interesting, not to mention getting a great workout in too

Tech: Derby has helped me build my confidence and it’s given me an amazing and supportive family.

Bizz: My favorite part of Roller Derby is my Derby Family.

Nitro: I love the camaraderie of strong, crazy, and loving people