EDG vs. The Tatas, 3/16/13

Photo courtesy of Lance Hardwood

The Eastside Derby Girls won their home bout on March 16. Ontario’s Tatas played with determination and great spirit, but were not able to get around the walls of blue uniforms. The final score was 221 – 87. Special thanks to S’FYA from Little Steel Derby Girls for being our bench coach!

Eastside roster: Afro Die T, AK Assazzin, Butter Buns, Coffee CREAMher, Crash Landon, Dot N. Eyeout, Hussel, Jab Her Jaw, Miso Krafty, MisTuzzi, Motor City Kitty, Moxie Grooves, Robbie Sockhit, Yooper Suomi. Alternates: Fifi Fatale, Maria Mayhem