EDG vs. Mountain Town Mayhem, 3/24/13


Robbie Sockhit and Motor City Kitty put a hit on Pawz

EDG took a road trip over the weekend to Mt. Pleasant to play Mountain Town Mayhem. The final score was EDG 167 – MTM 115. Hard hits from both teams did not dampen the fun of the after party, and we were very appreciative of the hospitality of our hosts. MVP blocker for MTM was Helliot Reed and MVP jammer was Getcha Pawz Off. MVP blocker for EDG was Robbie Sockhit and MVP jammer was Coffee Cream’her. Maria Mayhem and Fifi Fatale made their derby debut and are already eager for more playing time! The rest of the roster are: Motor City Kitty, Miso Krafty, AK Assazzin, Dot N Eyeout, Tuzzi, Hussel, Afro DieT, Crash Landon, and Butter Buns.