EDG vs. FCRG, 2/16/13

EDG fought through a tough bout on Saturday night against Floral City Roller Girls. Although we lost 205-95, the team stayed positive and played hard until the end. Slippery roads and snow flurries may have prevented some from making their way out, but they’ll get another chance next month!
Saturday’s roster: Motor City Kitty, Coffee CREAMher, Yooper Suomi, Dot N. Eyeout, Robbie SockHit, Afro Die T, MisTuzzi, Moxie Grooves, Hussel, Butter Buns, AK Assazzin, Ginger BiteUs, Jab Her Jaw, Miso Krafty, Coach Cubby, and Bench Coach Doc Tore HerUp.


One of the rare moments with 10 players on the floor at the same time!