Mardi Gras Massacre Scrimmage

On February 25, some of our team went up to Midland to play in the Chemical City Derby Girls’ Mardi Gras Massacre Scrimmage. Motor City Kitty, Aitch Bomb, Salty DeMeanher, and Hell’s Bellez worked together on team green and Sinister Storm and DestroyHer worked on team purple in a friendly battle.  We were happy to play with many of our friends from other teams, such as the Flint City Derby Girls and Lansing Derby Vixens. It was a close game, with many a derby kiss given along the way. But in the end team green won. We all had a ton of fun and learned a great deal. Bellez even got MVP Jammer (much to her surprise)!  We can’t wait for another chance to play with CCDG soon. 

Eastside visits the Mavens

On Sunday February 12, we headed to East Lansing to scrimmage with the East Lansing Mitten Mavens.  We received a nice welcome from the Mavens and began warming up to play, we then split into white and black teams and the scrimmage was on!!  The coaches took time to talk during half-time about things we need to work on and improve for the second half. There were about 10 Eastside members who attended and we all had a great time.  Personally I enjoyed learning their drills to warm up and playing in the scrimmage format like a real game.  The Mavens were very helpful and shared their derby knowledge generously!!  Rage said “I absolutely loved it! I thought it was an amazing experience.  We got to experience different strategies and hitting, and blocking. It wasn’t as stressful as a real game/scrimmage” and Damage stated “…it was scary and also a great experience.  It was something that I needed.  A few things started to click for me and now I have a little better understanding on some things that I should be doing”. Everyone wants to do this again!!

Team Trivia Night

Eastside Derby Girls is not just about kicking butt on the track, but also in all aspects of our lives. The team played team trivia on February 9th at Blue Finn Bar & Grill and had a great time bonding as we played. It challenged us in a new way, but luckily since we are in all different professions outside of the team, we held our own. Sin was able to help us out knowing a great deal about different company stock names, and Kitty and Mac sure brought it when it came to knowledge about films. GIve it up for our second place win! 

Kitty Quote: “The Panty Passers are a force. We will get em next time!”