Before and After

Before First Game:

My name is Polly RockIT and in roughly 48 hours I’ll be playing in my first game. If you want the truth I have been rotating between pure terror and excitement for the last week.

I’m not really sure what to expect. I like to think I’ll be able to break through the pack and get lead jammer when jamming or knock the opposing jammer off the track when blocking. But realistically I know that I’ll probably be confused for the first half, if not for the entire game. I also know that I may spend a good portion of those 60 minutes on my behind trying to rush and regroup with my teammates.

I only know two things for sure going into this game. The first is that my teammates will always be there to provide support, motivation, guidance, and to pull/push me into the right position on the track. The second thing I know for sure is that I have to start somewhere & every jam will make me a stronger & better player because regardless of how well I play I will survive my first fame.


After First Game:

It’s official I survived my first game and it was not even close to as scary or intimidating as I made it out to be in my head. Although, I was unsure until we completed our warmup – then I was more confident than ever.

I may not have been in the right place at all times, I may not have knocked the jammer out of bounds every time she was next to me, to be fair I barely remember the first half, but I tried my best, learned a lot, and did not get any penalties!

I would say this was the perfect first game – the other team was amazing and gave me a lot of good advice to help make me a better skater (sometimes the advice was given in the middle of a jam!).

Overall, I would say the nerves & anxiety the week before the game was completely unnecessary – it was the same thing we practice 3x a week just with a crowd cheering us on!