What we’ve learned from derby

Important things we’ve learned from roller derby:

Kitty:  The most important thing I learned is that I can’t do it all myself & have to trust/rely on others

Dee: Never judge someone based on the opinions of others.

Polly: The most important thing I’ve learned is that you cannot compare yourself to anyone else and to be confident in yourself because that will pull you through!

Kreacher: The most important thing I’ve learned is that strength doesn’t come from being fearless it comes from being afraid and doing it anyways

Mac:  Don’t doubt yourself/get outta your head – do the thing anyways.

Akilla: I think what I’ve learned most is that it’s ok to fall down, literally and figuratively, as long as you get back up and try again. That’s a problem I have at derby, and outside of derby. I’m always beating myself up if I do something wrong, or if I’m not perfect, and derby has helped me realized that it’s ok to not be perfect, as long as you’re giving it all you’ve got.

Get To Know Us

What do you love the most about roller derby?

Polly: It gets me out of my comfort zone. But my favorite part is being part of the team “family”

Postal: Roller derby is fun and challenging.

Dee: Breaking through physical barriers and witnessing my body do amazing things it’s never done before!

Rage: Getting out and trying something different. The feeling of accomplishment when I learn something new.

Sass: My favorite part of roller derby is my team and family I have made from it.

Crash: I like that it’s given me a team and community to be a part of again. Since I quit band, I had been missing having a place of belonging. I feel like I belong to something again and it’s great.

Brawl: Being a part of a team of strong-willed, hard-working women.

Akilla: Derby is my happy place in my otherwise hectic life. If provides me a fun athletic activity, and has introduced me to a ton of fabulous, and incredibly supportive, new friends. Also, it’s just plain fun to get on roller skates and learn new things

Mac: The camaraderie and the teamwork put into bettering ourselves and each other.

Kreacher: My favorite part is getting to know a group of strong accepting women who are helping me to find inner strength I didn’t know I had.

Rosie: My favorite thing about derby is the challenge. It challenges me in sport and in leadership.

Blue: My favorite part about roller derby has to be just learning something new. Every day is something different, so it’s always interesting, not to mention getting a great workout in too

Tech: Derby has helped me build my confidence and it’s given me an amazing and supportive family.

Bizz: My favorite part of Roller Derby is my Derby Family.

Nitro: I love the camaraderie of strong, crazy, and loving people

Anyone Can Do It


I laced up my skates for the first time just a short seven months ago, and yes, I still have an unbelievable amount to learn, but at the same time I have come so very far already. One aspect of roller derby that I’ve really enjoyed is simply telling people that I play roller derby and trying to recruit people. Everyone seems to have one of two reactions; they’re either shocked that I play derby, or they think that they could never play. They think they can’t play because they’re a mom, or they’re too old, or they work full time, or this, or that, and so on. And so I would like to show people that roller derby is for everyone (even those who don’t want to play can learn to ref or NSO).

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