Talk Derby… with Lady!


Lady MacDeath, photo by Chris Switzer


When I first started playing derby with EDG, just over a year ago, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up being a jammer. I started jamming full time about six months ago. It is a lot of hard work and determination. Being a jammer means you have to be able to move faster, juke farther, and think quicker than everyone else on the floor.

There is no feeling that is more amazing then looking up at the score board after your two minute jam and realizing you’ve scored 10, 15, or even 20 points! Being a jammer is a whirlwind of emotions at all times. Excitement, as you tear through the pack. Terror as you watch that girl, twice your size, flying at you with hips blazing. Accomplishment, as you jump the apex or take the lead jammer spot. Finally, success, as you look around at the end of the jam, and find the whole crowd cheering you on, along with your team.

Nothing pushes a jammer more, to be her best and to skate as hard as she can, then the support of her team. Her family. The girls on EDG are more than teammates to me. They are as much my family as my mom, dad, brother and sisters. Without them pushing me to be the best I could, I never would have progressed, and keep progressing, to the jammer I am today.