Amazing!! March 15th was a blast! Join us May 4th!

We had such a huge skater response to March 15th that we decided to to take all the skaters that signed up.  This made some big teams, so why not play MORE derby?  The girls played an awesome game consisting of 40 minute halves instead of the normal 30 minutes.  More Derby, woohoo!!  A great time was had by all and there sure were a lot of smiles, in the crowd and on the bench.   We at Eastside try our best to host some amazing scrimmages 🙂  Check out or May 4th scrimmages!  We will be having not one, but 2 bouts!  One for the ladies and one for the guys!  If you haven’t seen men’s derby yet you will want to check this out!  And why May the 4th?  Why, because that is Star Wars day!!  The Skaters, refs, and NSOs all get in on the theme, and we welcome the crowd to do the same!

Some fun from last year

may fourth


Photo credit: Bernie Laframboise