Scrimmages, juniors, and more!

Whew, EDG has been busy, busy, busy!   After an event filled summer we kicked off our season with our annual Bridezillas vs. Bridesmaids bout and a good time was had by all.  There are some awesome pictures on our Facebook page, go and check it out!  In all we had more then 8 leagues represented as well as our Canadian friends present.

The first weekend in October EDG also participated in the Mitten Kittens Mash up, Division 2.  EDG walked away after a long bout filled weekend with a 4th place out of 7! It was an amazing time and we are proud of our progress and look forward to training and improving this season.

We have started a junior team!  Currently EDG is looking for girls and boys ages 8 – 17 to participate.  Please look under “join us!” and click “Junior Derby”

We hope to see you at our first ever Co-Ed scrimmage coming up fast Nov. 9th, at The New Rink! And as always, we would love to have you become a part of EDG.  For more info, please email