EDG vs. CCDG, 4/20/13

Bizz and Blondie join a line in their first bout

On April 20th, EDG took a trip to Midland to face the Chemical City Derby Girls. EDG won 216 – 60. Running fairly fast packs, the EDG lines were able to effectively keep the opposing jammers behind them. We had 3 players rostered for their first bout. There were also several first time bouters on CCDG’s roster. Being comfortably ahead in the second half, the new EDG players were able to get significant playing time. MVP Jammer: Hussel, MVP Blocker: Motor City Kitty

Eastside roster: Afro Die T, AK Assazzin, Butter Buns, Coffee CREAMher, Sarious Bizz, CrusHerBones, Hussel, Jab Her Jaw, Miso Krafty, MisTuzzi, Motor City Kitty, Blondie Bomb-Her, Robbie Sockhit, Yooper Suomi. Alternates: Moxie Grooves