Join us and change your life!

The EDG is looking to recruit members! Come join a dedicated group of women intently focused on becoming a strong cohesive league. EDG expects it’s players to be dedicated and work hard to help promote and represent EDG in a positive light. EDG is looking for members who can be dedicated and are willing to commit to our community obligations, attendance at practices, and willing to be there for their sisters when needed. If you are looking for an amazing cardio workout, a sisterhood of skaters, and a way to give back to our community then roller derby is the right activity for you!

How To :

Roller derby girls – Purchase safety gear, including mouth guard, elbow and knee pads, and helmet. Skates are available for you to use until you can get your own.  You will need these to participate  during practices. Practice, practice, practice. You will learn the basics at our fresh meat practices: how to stop, skate fast, dodge people and jump over people and how to fall safely.  Practices are Sundays 6pm to 8pm (summer) and Tuesday 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Stick with it. At times you will feel like you can’t go any further or you aren’t improving. Believe in yourself. Talk to a senior member. Change might not come as fast as you would think, but someday you will look back and think “Damn, I’ve come a long way.”

Referees – If you would rather blow a whistle and tell people what to do, join the referees. You would assist in running of EDG practices and implement the rules during the practice scrimmages. During actual public bouts you would be part of the Zebra Squad that calls penalties and sends ladies to the box.

N.S.O. – Maybe you want to be involved, but aren’t sure of your skating ability. Come join EDG as an NSO (Non-Skating Official). Enjoy all the thrill and excitement of being part of the league without much worry about the skating part. NSO team members run the penalty box, the stats or even the scoreboard. Perks include running a stop watch and enjoying the smell of dry-erase markers. You also get to pick an amazing derby name/ persona!

For more info, toss your questions at us via email – join@eastsidederbygirls.net