Mardi Gras Massacre Scrimmage

On February 25, some of our team went up to Midland to play in the Chemical City Derby Girls’ Mardi Gras Massacre Scrimmage. Motor City Kitty, Aitch Bomb, Salty DeMeanher, and Hell’s Bellez worked together on team green and Sinister Storm and DestroyHer worked on team purple in a friendly battle.  We were happy to play with many of our friends from other teams, such as the Flint City Derby Girls and Lansing Derby Vixens. It was a close game, with many a derby kiss given along the way. But in the end team green won. We all had a ton of fun and learned a great deal. Bellez even got MVP Jammer (much to her surprise)!  We can’t wait for another chance to play with CCDG soon.